“If you want luxury, you pay”, he refuses to pay the hospital costs for the childbirth of his wife

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A woman has been considering divorce since her husband told her she would have to pay all the hospital bills for her delivery on her own. He refuses to share the costs…

Men will never cease to amaze us. Between shocking sentences in the delivery room in front of their wives, very inappropriate remarks about breastfeeding, they often show a lot of imagination but little consideration. A woman recently shared her story on the Reddit forum, when she has just given birth to her first child, she is in full conflict with her husband. In question? The hospital bills just sent to them, and surprise, her husband refuses to pay.

The young mother fell from above, after 7 years of relationship with her spouse, she wouldn’t have imagined for a single second that he would be able to say that to her. And even worse, he gave her an explanation that seems straight out of another time. According to him his wife did not need an epidural or to stay another night in the hospital, he told her: “If you want luxury, you should expect to pay for it.” In the comments, Internet users expressed their anger… Rightly so!

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Her husband listed all the ‘luxuries’ she had

The total note amounts to 8000 $ or approximately 7600 €, a huge sum that the young mother ended up paying… alone! And it could even be that because of that, she becomes a single mother. In effect her spouse did not mince his words and he listed all the “luxuries” to which she was entitled for her delivery, and beware the list is long: “It was you who couldn’t last a few more hours and made the bill go up with the epidural (it was already 24 hours, it’s true that I could have lasted 14 more)daycare costs (he’s our baby so he should stay in our room regardless of our condition), an extra night (recommended by the nurse for me to recover), food at the hospital (apparently I would have having to make my own snacks)…” So it’s completely normal for her to wonder if she’s staying with him or not…

And in the comments, netizens mentioned that she did not give birth to a child but to her child and he should show a little more gratitude. A netizen commented: “It is dangerous to be with a man who takes your well-being for a luxury.” There is nothing more to add!

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