IFA 2022 – The most innovative, eco-friendly, WTF, disruptive… Our list of star products at the show


After two years of absence, the back-to-school tech high mass has closed its doors. Widely covered by Digitalthis edition gave pride of place to device connectivity, durability and consumption of household appliances.

TCL stands at IFA

After two years severely disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the IFA has reopened its doors to the press, distribution and the general public. As with every edition, the Berlin show rolled out its red carpet for televisions and household appliances, as well as connected objects. And some trends have emerged.

Screens that throw

On the TV side, we have seen (or reviewed) models and technologies that are all showcases for their manufacturers. Samsung has blown us away again with its Micro-LED televisions, the first models of which should arrive by the end of the year – at fairly hefty prices. LG has also split a great technological demonstration with the LG Oled Flex, a TV which largely takes up the technical specificities of the LG C2, but curves by simply pressing a button on the remote control.

TV Metz

Transparent Oled TV from Metz.

The trend around flexible screens was also observed on the side of Asus, which proudly inaugurated its new foldable screen laptop, the ZenBook 17 Fold Oled, which left us a little hungry after our first manipulations, despite a very attractive configuration.

Asus Zenbook Fold Oled

Asus Zenbook 17 Fold Oled.

White sector turns green

In household appliances, the trend is resolutely green this year. The leitmotif of IFA 2022 will certainly have been sustainabilitythe global context having propelled the depletion of resources to the heart of the concerns of the Berlin show.

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Samsung, for example, has set up a special washing program to avoid releasing the microplastic fibers present in our clothes into the oceans.

Beko, for its part, presented its SaveWater solution, necessarily deployed on devices that consume water. This innovation intends not only to limit the resource needs of the equipment, but also (and above all) to exploit the still usable water, previously evacuated without any other form of process.

Finally, AEG has forged all its communication in Berlin around its washing machines capable of limiting cycle times, as well as their water and energy consumption. But if there is one product that has invaded all the aisles of the show, it is the air purifier. All the stands proudly exhibited their range of innovations intended to improve air quality. Ironic, isn’t it, for a product whose manufacture and operation contribute in part to its degradation…

Charging everywhere, for everything

It’s hard not to be convinced that global warming is here, that energy is a major subject, because it must be renewable, storable, reusable and clean. In Germany even more than in France, photovoltaic panels have made a breakthrough over the years. Already in 2018, they accounted for 7% of energy production across the Rhine, compared to 2% in France (source: EDF). So there were panels right and left, storage batteries of all sizes to ensure energy autonomy even at night, as well as a host of charging stations for electric cars. Because at the end of the panel, there is therefore the car and the planned abandonment of thermal engines, the need to equip everyone in this transition.

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Charging stations

While the audio sector is usually massively represented at IFA, the 2022 edition was particularly calm on this front. Only Bang & Olufsen’s ultra-elitist soundbar, the Beosound Theatre, has distinguished itself by bringing together technical prowess and atypical design, two fundamentals of the Danish manufacturer.

The list of Digital

In the midst of all this, we have seen a farandole of connected objects, some useful, others futile, relevant health solutions, promising or improbable innovations. Our experts sent on site have summarized the best, but also the worst of the IFA, just to tell you the event differently. Here is the list of Digital the best product, the best technology, the greatest concept…

Most Expensive: Samsung Micro-LED

Samsung continues to work on Micro-LED technology by gradually reducing the size of its televisions, but not yet their label since it is still around €100,000 for the most affordable model.

The most disruptive: Asus ZenBook 17 Fold Oled

Presented on the sidelines of the IFA in Berlin, we took control of the ZenBook 17 Fold Oled for long minutes. We were able to discover the ergonomics and responsiveness of this new format according to Asus.

Most Useless: Tesla Air Purifier

The Tesla brand present at the Berlin show is not the one that forged its notoriety around electric cars. This is a Chinese manufacturer (who uses, under agreement, the name of the American company) to whom we owe the most useless product of the show: an air purifier to wear around the neck.

The greenest: Beko SaveWater

This innovation aims to limit water needs by offering the least water-intensive cycles possible. Above all, it is a question of exploiting the still usable waters, previously evacuated without any other form of trial.

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That we hate, but would like to have anyway: Tineco Toasty One

For IFA 2022, Tineco has redesigned the toaster, or rather the way to drive it. The Toasty One is therefore equipped with a very sophisticated interface based on a touch screen for a function that is quite basic after all.

What we no longer expect: transparent Oled TV from Metz

Present at all trade shows since 2016, transparent Oled televisions are making their return to the IFA thanks to the good grace of the German manufacturer Metz. Despite the effect on visitors, its interest remains very low.

Made in France: Joe, the multifunction oven

The creators of the Bob dishwasher are back at the IFA in Berlin. The little princes of French Tech are taking advantage of the show to present their latest innovation: a multifunction oven called Joe. The goal is once again to make the most of the kitchen space.

The most retro: Thomson ZEO by Philippe Starck

The IFA is also an opportunity to rediscover forgotten or unknown products for the youngest. On its stand, Thomson is showcasing one of its iconic products from the 1990s: the ZEO television set designed by Philippe Starck.

The most leaked: iPhone 14 cases

According to the accessories shown at the IFA in Berlin, Apple’s iPhone 14 will look exactly like the iPhone 13.

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The most stylish: Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater

Quite paradoxically, the most design product of the IFA was not unveiled on the stands of the Berlin show, but during a private event. A shift representative of this 2022 edition, where the lack of real audio novelties was sorely felt.

The scariest: Robot-cat Maicat

It must be admitted, we only encountered a few robots in the aisles of the IFA. If most vacuum or wash, some have the mission to keep us company, like Maicat.

Most viewed: air purifiers

The IFA is the European electronic meeting. And while walking the aisles of the Berlin show, the team of Digital is unanimous: air purifiers have taken over the stands. A brief overview of these devices that have the wind in their sails.

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The most fashionable: LG Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase

The Berlin IFA show also gives the opportunity to come across some rather strange products. This is the case with these ShoeCase and ShoeCare from LG’s Styler range. Two products that allow you to store, protect and clean your most beautiful sneakers.

The wackiest: Haier sneaker washing machine

Berlin’s IFA isn’t just a chance for manufacturers to flex their muscles by unveiling premium products about to be released. It’s also a way to test the public’s response to slightly wacky concepts, such as Haier’s shoe washer.

The most zen: Yuma de Terraillon

Terraillon continues to expand its range of dawn simulator alarm clocks and sleep aids by presenting Yuma, a connected model also designed to animate relaxation exercises. Undoubtedly one of the most zen products in the salon.

Most useful for seniors: Doro Tablet

Doro unveils its Tablet at IFA 2022. This device is aimed at seniors because of its adapted interface and its rather classic technical characteristics.

Most useful for animals: Invoxia Smart Dog Collar

Presented at CES last January, the Smart Dog Collar connected biometric dog collar was once again the star of Invoxia’s stand at IFA. The opportunity to discover it a little closer, and to learn more about its release date.

Kitchen innovation: Solitaire Waterbase

In the aisles of the IFA, we unearthed the most stylish kitchen product. The Waterbase signed Solitaire (Bosch brand) is a flat sink with multiple functions. Discovery.

Best health product: Withings Body Comp and Health+

In addition to the demonstration of its Body Scan health station, Withings is taking advantage of the IFA to reveal Body Comp, its new impedance meter connected scale, closely linked to the new premium Health+ service.

Best Robot: Dreame X10 Ultra

This year, the trophy for best robot does not go to an articulated dog or a humanoid specimen. The Dreame X10 Ultra wins the prize. Certainly less fascinating, this fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner will however delight you on a daily basis.

Best Copy: Shark FlexStyle

During the Berlin IFA show, Shark demonstrated its new styling tool, the FlexStyle, capable of drying, straightening or curling hair. Very strongly inspired by the Dyson Airwrap, it is launched much cheaper than it.

L’Arlesienne: TCL NXTwear S

At a press conference ahead of IFA Berlin, TCL announced a new version of its NXTwear connected glasses. A third model that looks like the NXTwear Air presented at CES 2022, but with some practical additions.

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