IFA 2022 – The Yuma connected dawn simulator and sleep aid from Terraillon, the most zen product at the show

Already present in the world of sleep aids and dawn simulator alarm clocks with the Dreamer and the Aloha, Terraillon introduces Yuma, its new connected model. A sort of connected Aloha or reinvented Homni — the manufacturer’s first connected dawn simulator alarm clock — it works with an application that gives it more advanced relaxation functions.

Invitation to relax

Aesthetically close to the Homni, presented at the IFA five years ago, the Yuma intends to improve the concept initiated by its elder. In addition to the usual dawn and sleep simulator alarm clock functions, as well as the breathing exercises already present on the Aloha, the future model relies on relaxation. Via its application, it will offer vocally guided meditation sessions by sophrologists.

Different nature sounds (birds, cicadas, etc.) as well as white noise (waves, rain, etc.) can also be played through the Yuma’s speaker or via the headphones to which it is connected.

Naps lovers will also be satisfied to learn that the Yuma also manages these moments of recovery, which can perk up quickly during a day if they are well supervised.

A more complete application

It should be noted that the Yuma application has had a facelift since the Homni and should finally give the possibility of programming several alarm clocks. Routines can also be created to configure our awakenings and our falling asleep as we see fit.

Still at the prototype stage, Terraillon’s Yuma should be released in 2023. We will no doubt learn more about it by then.

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