Igor Bogdanoff ruined? This “35m²” in which he lived before his death

We learn a little more about the living environment of Igor Bogdanoff, while the last of the twin brothers died on January 3. A story published in the Obs on Thursday, Jan. 13, expands on the “Time X” star’s apartment and his myriad debts.

On January 12, Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were buried in the Gers, in Saint-Lary, where they were born 72 years ago. While the media are interested in who will take over the castle of the brothers planted in this village, information about their Parisian residence rises to the surface. Although he also called it his “castle”, Igor lived in a small house of 35m² before his death. Imposing fireplace, tapestries from another time… Behind the flashy appearance of the house, Igor no longer had a penny and was always running after money according to those close to him. He lived not far from Grichka, not in a better financial position than his brother.

On Thursday, January 13, the magazine The Obs publishes a story about the Bogdanoffs and involves the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven, who had known them since his childhood. The money? “They did not have any, and even less than not: it was used to pay off debts”, recognizes this relative, even mentioning a “tightrope race” by talking about their lifestyle. Raphaël Enthoven assures: “The money, they always went to seek it in their entourage. You cannot imagine the number to whom they owe it, among those mourning their deaths and posting photos alongside them on social media”. So endearing, but penniless, it seems that Igor and Grichka took their unpaid debts to the grave with them…

above worries

This same friend who said on the set of “C à vous” on Wednesday January 12 “They believed Didier Raoult, they died of it”, then relativizes on the lifestyle of the Bogdanoff brothers. “I have never seen them sacrifice a single moment of life for a concern”, confides Raphaël Enthoven to The Obs. A glory or a vanity? Always is it‘Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were due in court from January 20, for a fraud case dating back to 2018. The presenters of “Time X” would have defrauded nearly one million euros to Cyrille Pien, a producer who, finding himself under guardianship, committed suicide in the process. A dismal affair but in which the brothers seemed, as always, very serene.

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Photo credits: Christophe Clovis / Bestimage

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