Igor Bogdanoff – who are his daughters?


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Hospitalized and kept in Coma, Igor Bogdanoff fights against Covid-19. His daughters, Anna-Clarissa and Sasha have decided to follow in his footsteps and that of their uncle Grichka, who died on December 28, by conquering the world of glitter.

Artistic sensibilities and full heads. The daughters of Igor Bogdanoff are gradually making a place for themselves in show business. Their father, who is positive for Covid-19, is still in a coma in intensive care and does not know anything about the death of his brother Grichka, three days ago. Like his twin, the 72-year-old physicist is not vaccinated.

Father on six occasions, Igor Bogdanoff had three different companions, known to the general public. His two daughters, Anna-Claria and Sasha, came from his union with Ludmilla d’Outremont. Brilliant, the two young women did a literary preparation, Khâgne and hypokhâgne, then a master’s degree in cinema at La Fémis, according to Apart.Tv. The first, Anna-Claria Ostasenko Bogdanoff, became a director.

Artistic projects in homage to their diverse origins

According to gala.fr, the young woman often collaborates with her screenwriter stepfather, François Delaroyère. The youngest, Sasha Bogdanov, began a career in song. For a long time, Shasha was obsessed with her origins, as she revealed in 2018: “I am white, French, Russian, Belgian, Czech, German, but also, I am black … My great-grandfather, son of former slaves who became farmers, was the first recognized African-American opera singer. internationally. He met my great-grandmother in Austria on a European tour, they fell madly in love. ”

By combining their talents, the two sisters made their first clip Tohidu. An artistic way also to pay tribute to their Ivorian roots. Apartv describes an album between “Soul, folk and word music”. For five years, their mother had a perfect love affair with the physicist until 1994. But Igor loves women so much. In 2009, he married Amélie Bourbon-Parme, daughter of Prince Michel de Boubon-Parme and Laure Le Bourgeois. This time, he had two boys: Alexander and Constantine in 2011 and 2014. Once again, this marriage will be a failure, but Igor will not divorce. A year later, the scientist will once again have a tumultuous romance with Julie Jardon, which will end at the post …

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