IHK: Chamber of Industry and Commerce victim of massive hacker attack


The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) has been hit by a hacker attack. For security reasons, all websites and telephone systems have been taken offline.

The IHK is affected by a cyber attack. (Source: hin255 / depositphotos.com)

Hackers may be targeting the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK). It was the victim of a massive cyber attack. All positions in Germany are affected. In order to protect valuable data from the attack, both the IHK’s websites and telephone systems were taken offline.

The attack took place via an IT service provider of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce. Employees became aware when the servers were no longer accessible. As a result, the connection was cut across Germany and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) was informed. As the SWR reports, it is still unclear whether the attack was successful.

It is also unclear when the systems will be restarted. You cannot currently reach the IHK by email. Only a few positions can be dialed directly by telephone. The largest exchange currently takes place via social media. Documents can only be issued analogously.

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