Ikea Dirigera appeared: That’s how much the new smart home center costs

The guesswork is over: Ikea’s new smart home center Dirigera has now officially appeared in the online shop. The price for the German market is thus fixed, even if the successor to the Trådfri gateway will only be available to order in a few weeks.

Ikea Dirigera: Smart Home Hub for 59.99 euros

It has long been known that Ikea will retire its Trådfri gateway and replace it with a new model. There have been various rumors about the price of the successor, but these have now come to an end: the smart home hub will available in Germany for 59.99 euros as can be seen in the Ikea online shop (source: Ikea).

Interested customers will have to be patient, however, because Dirigera cannot yet be ordered. As we have already reported, difficulties with the Dirigera smartphone app will probably mean that the smart home center will only appear later. Ikea itself has no specific date for launch mentioned, which is why we continue to assume the end of November.

With a price of 59.99 euros, Dirigera more expensive than Trådfri, which has now reached 50 euros after several price increases. Ikea has already announced that it intends to continue supporting Trådfri. However, new functions can only be expected for Dirigera in the future.

This is what Ikea Trådfri does:

Ikea Trådfri – smart home lighting

Ikea Dirigera: This is what the smart home center does

The probably most important difference to the predecessor lies in the Matter standard support. This is a smart home connectivity standard endorsed by many manufacturers. In addition to Ikea, Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung are also on board. The aim is to be able to connect smart home devices more easily and to improve communication with one another.

Dirigera can be wall mounted or placed flat. A USB-C port and an Ethernet port available. The new smart home center is only half as high as Trådfri, but a little wider.

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