Ikea: New smart home center will appear later – and will be cheaper

Ikea’s new smart home center is coming later than expected. (Image source: GIGA)

Actually, Ikea’s new Dirigera hub as a smart home center should appear in Germany in October. According to reports, Ikea has now had to postpone the date. Problems with the app development should be the reason. New information is also available on the price of Ikea Dirigera.

Smart home hub: Ikea postpones market launch

After Ikea had already started selling the current Smart Home center Trådfri, the successor should actually appear quickly. Ikea officially wanted to offer the Dirigera hub in October 2022 in Germany and other countries for the first time. Reports now point to a different date: Dirigera will not be available until the end of November.

Apparently it should Difficulties with the smartphone app give to conductor. Details have not yet made it to the public. Completion in September or October is no longer expected. Since the app and the device are to be launched at the same time, the hub does not make it into the furniture stores in advance.

Ikea has still not revealed how much Dirigera will ultimately cost. At the end of August it was still unofficially said that a price of 69 euros should be targeted in the EU. Now the talk is of 59.99 euros (Source: Caschy’s blog). For comparison: Ikea charges 50 euros for the Trådfri gateway.

This is what Ikea Trådfri does:

Ikea Trådfri – smart home lighting

Ikea Dirigera supports Matter standard

Ikea’s new smart home center would like to offer customers, among other things, a Matter standard support Curls. The smart home connectivity standard is also endorsed by Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung. The aim is to simplify the integration of devices from different manufacturers.

in the Comparison with Trådfri Dirigera is a bit wider, but only half as high. The hub can be placed flat or mounted on the wall. A USB-C port and an Ethernet connection are available.

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