Ikea promises: With this product you use up to 95 percent less water

Ikea has introduced a new atomizer nozzle for mixer taps with Åbäcken. With the atomizer nozzle should the consumption can be reduced to 0.25 liters per minute. This corresponds to water savings of up to 95 percent if, like Ikea, you have an average water flow of 5.7 liters per minute with standard mixer taps. The 0.25 liters only apply to the so-called fog mode. In the much more permeable spray or jet mode, however, the consumption is according to Ikea at about 1.9 liters per minute – which still means a significant saving of almost 66 percent.

The atomizer nozzle costs just 4.99 euros and can be mounted on all Ikea mixer taps as well as most commercially available mixer taps. The nozzle is 30 mm high and has a diameter of 24 mm.

nicer side effect: By reducing water consumption, users also save on Heating costs for hot water treatment, since much less water has to be heated.

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