Ile-de-France adopts an energy boost of 250 euros

The Ile-de-France region will adopt an energy boost of 250 euros for the most vulnerable Ile-de-France households in the face of the energy crisis, we learned on Wednesday during a plenary session of the regional council.

This aid may benefit Ile-de-France households with tax income less than or equal to 60% of the median regional tax income, ie 14,802 euros. In the amount of 45 million euros provided for in the 2023 supplementary budget, it will be financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and should benefit 160,000 tax households.

Not one euro of European funds will be lost, because we must consume our ESF envelope by December and that 8% of these credits have not been consumed due to the Covid crisis, assured the president LR of the regional executive, Valrie Pcresse.

On average, the household energy bill has increased by around 30% in 2023, depending on the Region. Ile-de-France residents will be able to apply for this system via a platform that will be posted on its site from July 1.

This boost is welcome, but with a budget surplus of 356 million euros, it was possible to do more for the purchasing power of all Ile-de-France residents by canceling, for example, the increase in the Imagine R card and catering in high schools, reacted to AFP the head of the elected communists, Cline Malais.

The scheme financed by the European Union must be applied for between July 1 and October 1 only. The principle of first come, first served has been adopted. This questions us, she added.

The text will be adopted Thursday during the standing committee of the regional council.

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