Ilka Bessin surprises everyone: Great comeback for Cindy from Marzahn

Ilka Bessin
Big comeback for Cindy from Marzahn

Ilka Bessin: Cindy from Marzahn made the comedian famous in Germany.


Actually she had retired “Cindy from Marzahn” five years ago – but for a special occasion comedian Ilka Bessin has now announced the return of the cult figure.

For many fans it was a very sad moment when Ilka Bessin appeared on stage for the supposedly very last time in June 2016 as her fictional character Cindy from Marzahn. But now it turns out that the farewell wasn’t forever. For a special occasion, Bessin is giving Cindy and her fans an unexpected comeback on August 28th, which should be spectacular.

Ilka Bessin: That’s why she’s bringing Cindy back from Marzahn

The background is the big RTL event “RTL says thank you”, with which the broadcaster would like to thank all everyday heroes of the corona pandemic. An important gesture for which Bessin is only too happy to slip into her famous pink jogging suit. In the video you can find out more about Cindy’s TV comeback – and which other stars will be on the live show.

Source: RTL