Illegal contract change?: Register of lawsuits set up against Amazon Prime

Illegal contract change?
Register of lawsuits against Amazon Prime established

In February, the streaming provider Amazon Prime gave its customers a choice: pay more money or see advertising in the future. Consumer advocates believe this is illegal. Those affected can now sue.

Consumers can now join a class action lawsuit against Amazon in Germany over the Prime Video streaming service. The Saxony Consumer Center announced that the complaint register for affected customers is now open.

Anyone who had an Amazon Prime subscription and paid for it before February 5th could join the lawsuit, explained Michael Hummel, legal expert at the Saxony Consumer Center, according to a statement. The streaming provider gave its customers the alternative of seeing advertising while streaming in the future or continuing to stream ad-free for just under three euros more per month.

“Such changes within an ongoing contract are only possible with the consent of consumers. We therefore consider them to be illegal. Other streaming services show how to do it correctly and ask their customers beforehand.” Registration in the lawsuit register is possible at the Federal Office of Justice.

The Saxony Consumer Advice Center is also offering support. Amazon had already rejected the allegations at the beginning of the year and stated that it had fulfilled all legal obligations.

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