Illegal entry via Poland: Around 700 migrants picked up at the border

Illegal entry through Poland
Around 700 migrants picked up at the border

The number of unauthorized entries into the Federal Republic is increasing and increasing. The police took 699 people into custody within a week – most of them via Poland and Belarus. In October alone, the border officials report as many refugees without a visa as in the whole year before.

Last week, the Federal Police again picked up a three-digit number of people in the German-Polish border area who came to Brandenburg via Belarus without permission. From October 11 to 17, 699 unauthorized people were taken into custody at the Polish border, said the Federal Police Directorate in Berlin.

Last weekend alone, 288 people were picked up. In the entire previous week, however, there were 810 people who came into custody; on the weekend of October 8th to 10th, the number was 392. This means that in October the Federal Police have picked up almost as many people at the German-Polish border in Brandenburg for unauthorized entry via Belarus into Germany as it did between January and September.

By Sunday the officials counted 3,302 unauthorized entries via Belarus and Poland so far, by the end of September it was 1,556. According to the federal police, the people who were arrested came primarily from Iraq, Syria, Iran and Yemen. On the German-Polish border on the Saxon side, officials of the federal police attacked 135 people who came to Germany via Belarus and Poland from Friday to Sunday last weekend.

Seehofer wants to talk about measures

The Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko announced at the end of May in response to tightened Western sanctions against his country that Minsk would no longer prevent migrants from continuing to travel to the EU. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer wants to speak in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday about possible measures on the German-Polish border to stop illegal immigration. This was announced by a spokesman for the Interior Ministry.

Previously, the chairman of the police union, Heinz Teggert, wrote to Seehofer and asked for temporary border controls, as the “Bild” newspaper reported. However, the chairman of the Federal Police District of the Police Union (GdP), Andreas Roßkopf, spoke out against such controls.

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