Ilona Smet: her tender statement to her child for her first Mother’s Day as a mom

This June 4, on the occasion of her child’s first Mother’s Day, Ilona Smet made a tender statement to her on Instagram. A moment that she marked with a white stone.

Mother’s Day, Miracle Worker’s Day… This Sunday, May 4, 2023 is a day like no other since it celebrates the Mothers’ Day. A day where we must tell these divine beings how much we love them. The stars are no exception to this rule like Laura Smet, the aunt of Ilona Smet. Indeed, Johnny Hallyday’s daughter took over her Instagram account to share a sublime photo on the occasion of Mother’s Day. This tender photo showed a shared love between mother and daughter, smiling, years ago.

With loving smiles, Nathalie Baye and Laura Smet, being small, snuggle up against each other in this tender photo. Happy Birthday Mom, she had simply written in the caption to the photo shared on her story. Three words that are worth thousands as its depth is felt. After all, we must not forget that these two women are more than close. Laura Smet and Nathalie Baye share an intimacy that goes beyond a simple blood relationship. This June 4 also marks an unforgettable day for Ilona Smet since it is about her first birthday as a mother.

Ilona Smet: “I have never been so proud, I have never been so happy…”

On Instagram, this Sunday, June 4, Ilona Smet made a tender statement to her child. On a photo where we see her holding her little piece of cabbage in her hands at the edge of the beach, we can read: What a pride to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day for the first time thanks to you. I dreamed of this, but I did not expect the immense happiness and privilege that it was going to be. I have never been so proud, I have never been so happy, I have never been so fulfilled, loved and amazed. Being a mom is the hardest role, but the most rewarding at the same time. What they say is true. Since I laid eyes on you, my heart is now forever walking outside of my body. But what a gift that is. thank you lifeshe concluded her message.

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