Ilona Smet mom: her baby too cute, photo in a very chic little look

professional model, Ilona Smet has always taken care of her and her taste for fashion comes as no surprise. She was on the cover of the magazine SHE in March 2013 before appearing in the American magazine Millennium the following year and become the face of the cosmetics brand Mixa, like her mother Estelle Lefébure, in 2018. That same year, she paraded for Etam lingerie. A passion for fashion perceptible in the way she dresses her baby. Witness his Instagram story of the day in which we see his son lying down and dressed in an outfit belonging to the brand. Good point, specializing in high-end baby and children’s clothing (see slideshow). A baby who is already very chic, just like his mother!

“Living Proof of Love”

Only two days ago, she already revealed a photo of her son, this time posing with him and giving him a kiss on the forehead. She thus revealed her dream body in a sumptuous green one-piece swimsuit. As a reminder, she gave birth to this little boy on June 24th. He was born of her union with Kamran Ahmed. This birth touched his family a lot, starting with his parents. “The birth of this little angel is living proof of love. I love you all three, beautiful souls”, wrote her mother below her daughter’s Instagram post announcing the happy event.

As for his father, singer David Hallyday, he said this. : “Welcome this beautiful Jedi to this crazy world!! He feels on the bright side of the tree with two beautiful and loving parents like you!! Love you forever“. Ilona Smet also received congratulations from her little sister and Emma Smet. The latter had even expressed her enthusiasm for becoming “tata” in the columns of nice morning. “I am more than happy to have this baby! It’s the first time for me. I can’t wait to do lots of things with him.” she confided. An infant who has already received a lot of love for his young age, enough to melt the hearts of Internet users.

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