“I’m a cleaner and here are the 5 places people always forget to clean”

If you do your own cleaning, you most likely forget to clean these 5 places, like many people, according to one housekeeper.

Routine housekeeping usually includes a recurring list of places to clean. Sink, shower, bathtub, toilet, floor etc. But did you know that there is five places which are often not cleaned? Places that could be a real problem for you and your health.

On TikTok, a cleaning lady reveals the 5 places often forgotten when cleaning which are nevertheless important to clean. Indeed, cleaning these neglected elements guarantees a cleaner, but also healthier, home.

1. Pillows

The cleaning lady alerts Internet users to the frequent forgetting to clean the pillows. Indeed, you shouldn’t just clean the pillowcases. Experts say we should deep clean our pillows every 3 to 6 months.

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For the simple reason that pillows can quickly become a nest for dust mites and a home for dead cells. Plus, by cleaning them, you ensure that your head rests in a cool, allergen-free place every night.

2. Water bottles

Although using a water bottle is much more environmentally friendly than drinking from plastic bottles, the latter require regular cleaning. Did you know that your water bottle can harbor bacteria if not cleaned properly?

Even if there is only water inside, bacteria thrive in moist environments. Rinse it quickly every day and clean it thoroughly every week to make sure you’re drinking clean water.

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3. The dishwasher filter

Your dishwasher filter is what traps all kinds of food debris, and it can become clogged over time. This will affect the quality of the wash and make your dishes much less sparkling.

By cleaning your dishwasher filter every month, you ensure that your machine runs efficiently and that your kitchen utensils remain in tip-top condition and safe from bacteria.

4. The washing machine

Contrary to what we might think, the washing machine is not very clean. In fact, detergent and fabric softener residue can accumulate inside. Furthermore, humidity makes it a breeding ground for mold.

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So remember to deep clean your washing machine every 1 to 3 months. This cleaning will allow you to keep your clothes fresh and your washing machine in perfect condition.

5. Kitchen hood filters

The kitchen hood filter traps grease and dirt from cooking. If neglected, it can harm the air quality in your kitchen and even pose a fire hazard. Clean it every 1 to 3 months, depending on how often you cook.

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