“I’m a singer, not an actor”: Julien Doré confides before the broadcast of “Panda” this Thursday evening

Series Panda arrives this Thursday evening on TF1 at 9:10 p.m. Panda, like this animal which is now part of Julien Doré’s musical bestiary and Panda, like Victor Pandalovic, a former cop who left everything behind to take photos in a hut by the sea, where he lives without a cell phone or a car, in a floral shirt and underwear. This is the first time that Julien Doré plays the leading role in a series that is very similar to him, full of charm and humor.

“I was on the cover of Télé Z!”

Europe 1/Culture Media met Julien Doré who confided that “it seemed like a dream”. “I’m a singer, not an actor,” he told Europe 1. He can’t believe he’s occupying the famous slot in the Thursday evening detective series on TF1.

“I have memories of Tailpiece, judge and copof Julie Lescautof Navarro…I was watching this with my parents on the couch. There I can say to myself: ‘It’s crazy, now, Thursday evening, it’s me’. It’s incredible, it’s improbable. With PandaI made the cover of TV Zof TV 7 days Also. Make the cover of TV Z with the poster of the series, in what is colorful, second degree, there is something as if out of order in the matrix. Actually it’s me, that’s it, I am Rope maker, judge and cop, and it’s so good,” rejoiced the singer, now an actor.

On the TF1 side, we hope that the audiences will be as good as Master Crimes with Muriel Robin who has occupied the box for the last three Thursdays.

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