“I’m going to get tapped on the knuckles”: Benjamin Baroche (Teyssier) speaks about his future in Here it all begins

As previously announced, Benjamin Baroche’s contract to play in “Here it all begins” ends in July 2023… Will the actor return to the role of Teyssier? The main interested party still sows doubt.

Things are moving in Here it all begins… While Mikaël Mittelstadt (Greg) recently left the series and fans fear seeing Nicolas Anselmo (Eliott) follow suit, concerns are now arising about the case of Benjamin Baroche, the performer of the ruthless Teyssier…

Bye bye Teyssier?

Under contract in the TF1 soap opera until July 2023, the actor would theoretically be freed from his obligations towards fiction thereafter… But what plan does the actor envisage concerning his future within the Auguste Armand Institute?

Interviewed by Tele-Leisure as part of the promotion of his play The creditors by August Strinberg (which he shares with Julie Debazac (Tomorrow belongs to us)), Benjamin Baroche has declared that he is not yet able to predict what awaits him…

He replied with humor to our colleagues: “I can’t answer this question, I’m going to get my fingers slapped by my producers! (…) It’s not about stopping because the character still has things to say, I think, because I’m really day to day.

Benjamin Baroche leaves room for doubt

The one who lends his features to the pastry chef in Here it all begins since the start of the series in 2020 continued: “I signed a one-year contract which ends in July. At that time, we will speak with my managers and my producers and we will see until then. For the moment, we continue and I am fully until July.

Will Benjamin Baroche return to his role? The mystery remains… but hope remains! While waiting to obtain a clear announcement, Teyssier is in any case at the center of a great intrigue in the daily front page.

Emmanuel’s secrets in relation to Axel (Thomas Da Costa) and his biological parents are exposed to everyone and he is now in a very delicate position… To be continued in Here it all begins, Monday to Friday at 6:30 p.m. on TF1.

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