“I’m going to have sequelae”: Luna Skye talks about her health problems from her hospital room

Luna Skye (“The Marseillais”, “The Princes and Princesses of Love”…) found herself suffering from a serious infection, following cosmetic surgery. On Instagram, the young woman gave her news.

Since December, Luna Skye has been sharing with her fans on Instagram the hell she is going through following a cosmetic surgery operation which consisted of injections of hyaluronic acid to plump her buttocks. “It’s supposed to stay 6 months to 2 years, and we don’t know what happened”, explained the young woman yesterday on Instagram. The young influencer shared her daily life at the hospital. “I hesitate to show you so much that you realize how completely stupid complexes we have it can do damage“, she commented in the caption of a photo where nurses are busy around her, after her two operations that she has undergone. Responding to questions from her followers, Luna Skye explained: “for the first operation, they came with a cannula inside, and they broke all the shells that the product had made.

Two operations and a body crossed by draining wicks

Then came the second operation. “As all the product had diffused in the body, we had to do a big wash, she explains. We had to put on wicks. So the, I have wicks: it makes big holes with big wicks, which come in on one side of the buttock and come out. There are six, so twelve holes “Luna Skye adds. Drill bits that are used by the medical team to carry out “washes”. And Luna Skye to clarify: “Twice a day, we pass Betadine with hydrogen peroxide inside the buttock. It goes in through one hole, and it comes out the other. Morning and evening.”

“I’m going to do sport”

Right after the operation, Luna Skye says she thought we had it “amputee”. “I was just screaming ‘I am in pain’, then I had a shot of ketamine, so there I was dead, and now it’s better! “ Better, except for the consequences … I will have sequelae. If I don’t have reoperation, I’m going to have twelve little scars and lots of irregularities, so full of small waves. (…) As I do not want to go back to the pool table at all, I will do everything to not have reconstructive surgery, I will play sports, draining massages … ” Luna Skye concludes by promising her followers to keep them informed of developments. We trust him!

Article written with the collaboration of 6Médias.

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