“I’m going to leave Sylvie, I’m in love with you”: Richard Dewitte (Once upon a time) reveals that Johnny Hallyday flirted with Joëlle, the singer of the group (VIDEO)

Richard Dewitte, member of the group Once upon a time, revealed at the microphone of Keys to a life this January 13 on Sud Radio that Johnny Hallyday was madly in love with Joëlle, the singer of the group … But that it was not reciprocal.

In the heart of the 70s, the group Once upon a time is at the height of its glory, propelled by the success of its cult song I dreamed of her again. Many of them at the time dreamed of their singer, the superb Joëlle Mogensen. If the formation has five other members – Richard Dewitte and Serge Koolenn (former musicians of Michel Polnareff), Lionel Gaillardin (guitarist of Nino Ferrer), Bruno Walter, Christian Burguière – it is she who attracts all eyes. Guest on the show The keys of a life this Thursday, January 13, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the formation, Richard Dewitte returned to the crazy success of his partner.

Picked up by Johnny Hallyday

“She burst the screen. We were happy to know that she was there. Everyone was in love with her, it was crazy”, remembers the drummer of Once upon a time. At the time, Joelle Mogensen also receives many love letters from fans. But the artist, who has been in a relationship with his partner Serge Koolenn since he was 16, knew how to keep his distance. “She kindly put people in their place, even Johnny, who tried at one point. She told him ‘I love Serge’“, reveals Richard Dewitte. Yes, even Johnny Hallyday was fell madly in love with Joëlle Mogensen. The rocker was then married to Sylvie Vartan but was ready to leave his wife for love for the young woman.

“I’m going to leave Sylvie, I’m in love with you”

The idol of young people, however, took a painful rake as told by Richard Dewitte at the microphone of Sud Radio. However, the Taulier had pulled out all the stops, inviting the singer to Fouquet’s, the chic Parisian restaurant on the avenue des Champs-Élysées, to seduce her. And for the occasion, he even had swapped his leather jacket for a suit and tie. Without success. The Once Upon a Time drummer recalls: He made her a true declaration of love. He had an off-white suit, with an extra hat, she told us everything. And he really cried. He told him : ‘I’m going to leave Sylvie, I’m in love with you’. She was embarrassed, she could not send him packing. But he was really in love. After the tour we did with him for a month and a half, he had a crush on her.” But the heart of Joëlle Mogensen, who died a few years later, in May 1982 in Paris at the age of 29, belonged at the time to Serge Koolenn.

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