“I’m not afraid of it”: Patrice Laffont without taboo on his relationship to death

In the podcast parents first of Tele-Leisure, posted on January 14, Patrice Laffont spoke at length about a surprising subject: the end of life. A final test that does not worry the 82-year-old former presenter.

Numbers and letters Passing by Fort Boyard, Patrice Laffont entertained viewers until 2009, when he stopped presenting LivePoker on Live 8. Known for his outspokenness, the former star of the PAF thus evoked his age, 82 years, but also his uninhibited relationship to death in the podcast parents first broadcast by Tele-Leisure January 14. “I’m not afraid of death“, he said, without a shadow of hesitation. And to continue, with a certain philosophy: “I am 82 years old, I have lived all that i could live.

If Patrice Laffont said he felt no fear about the arrival of the mower, the latter still insisted on nuance his words talking about his relatives. Indeed, the conductor of Pyramid until 2001 had three children, Axelle, Fabrice and Mathilde, and indicated to our colleagues to be somewhat anxious at the idea of ​​leaving this world without knowing the future of his clan: “What worries me a great deal is not knowing what my loved ones will become : my wife, my children, my entourage… Knowing if Mathilde is going to have a child, how will Fabrice succeed, how Axelle will manage her turn well between acting and directing…

The death of his father, a first test

In 2010, Patrice Laffont faces the death of his father, left at the age of 93. A particular ordeal that the presenter remembered with some hindsight: “I had theit’s time to get ready and I accompanied him a lot in the last three years of his life. We saw each other a lot, we talked a lot“, he underlined in the podcast. And to add in conclusion: “So I was prepared and that’s what i wish would happen to me.”

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