“I’m not crazy about it”, this nickname given by Olivier Kretz to his wife Sandrine

The book Bienvenue à l’Agence which has just been published by Fayard and which tells the underlying story of the famous family of luxury real estate agents, the Kretzes, is a mine of information and anecdotes. We are surprised to discover the nickname given by Olivier to his wife Sandrine, which she does not particularly like.

For four years, viewers have followed the adventures of the Kretz family in luxury real estate through their series broadcast on TMC and Netflix, The Agency. Made up of parents Olivier and Sandrine, their four sons, Martin, Valentin, Louis and Raphaël as well as grandmother, Majo, the Kretz family continues to fascinate viewers and Internet users. Launched in 2020 on TMC, the concept of The Agency is quite simple, it consists of filming the life of this family in their daily life as luxury real estate agents mixed with their family life full of twists and turns.

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We were thus able to discover in the first season the marriage of the eldest of the family, Martin, with his partner and mother of his children, Ève, as well as the problems of Valentin and his wife Charina in having a child or even the excess of the youngest Raphaël who does not hesitate to give of himself when it comes to partying or having fun. A series which has recently been followed by the release of the book Welcome to the Agency published by Fayard in which we discover a little more about this tribe and in particular about the parents, Olivier and Sandrine.

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This nickname that Sandrine Kretz hates

Since the release of the Kretz family book, the revelations about the different members of the family have continued! Everyone passes by there ! We were thus able to recently discover images of Majo, the grandmother, almost 70 years ago in a swimsuit, or even the revelations of Martin, the eldest of the family, who confided on the biggest clash that took place between his father, Olivier and him. But it is another anecdote that particularly interested us while reading the book: the discovery of the nickname given by the patriarch of the family, Olivier, to his wife, Sandrine.

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It is through an anecdote during which she recounts a negotiation with an owner of a “Haussmannian apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris» that the mother of the family reveals this famous nickname through a sentence launched by Olivier: “I feel you stressed Minou… Relax“. A nickname, Minou, that her husband very often gives her and that she reveals she doesn’t “to dote» at all even though she never had the courage until now to tell him.

This incident during the wedding of Olivier and Sandrine Kretz

If we discovered that this former teacher can’t stand the nickname her husband gives her, Olivier Kretz must surely have discovered it with surprise at the same time as us! One thing is certain, the father knows what he must expect from now on.

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But that’s not all ! In the work, we also learn that the marriage of the clan chiefs was the occasion of quite an incident. The Kretz parents’ couple had the unpleasant surprise of discovering that strangers had invited themselves to their wedding, going so far as to steal the guests’ handbags and coats!

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