“Image”: Robert Schneider becomes co-editor-in-chief

In the future, Europe’s largest tabloid will also be managed by Robert Schneider. The 46-year-old is currently editor-in-chief of “Focus”. He is to report to Johannes Boie, who remains the head of “Bild” and continues to control the entire Bild group.

Should be co-head of the “Bild” newspaper: Robert Schneider.

Michael Gstettenbauer / Imago

Germany’s highest-circulation newspaper “Bild” is getting a new management: Johannes Boie remains chief editor and also brings Robert Schneider as another head of the tabloid. Born in Leipzig, he is currently editor-in-chief of the Munich news magazine “Focus”. The “Spiegel” had first reported on Friday, but in parts incorrectly about the change.

Boie, who has been running “Bild” for a little over a year, should remain editor-in-chief and head of the picture group (“Bild”, “Bild am Sonntag”) and, according to NZZ information, will report solely to CEO Mathias Döpfner in the future. Schneider reports to him. Initially, Springer-Verlag said that the change was part of a restructuring of the picture group, in which Alexandra Würzbach (“Bild am Sonntag”) and Claus Strunz (“Bild TV”) would lose their top positions. As has now become known, both should stay.

The 38-year-old Boie took over the post of “Bild” boss last October after his predecessor Julian Reichelt had to leave. This was canceled when allegations of abuse of power and affairs with employees became public. Previously, Boie was editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper “Welt am Sonntag”, also from Axel Springer, and before that he was Döpfner’s assistant.

The new one is a tabloid specialist

Unlike Boie, the designated co-editor-in-chief Schneider can look back on a long career in the tabloids and also knows the “Bild” newspaper well. At the age of 17 he became a reporter for the Leipzig local edition of the newspaper and at the age of 24 he was promoted to department head at the Springer tabloid “BZ”. Only a year later he took over the deputy management of the “Bild am Sonntag”.

In 2011, Schneider then moved to Burda Verlag, where he initially managed the East German magazine “Super-Illu”. Five years later he moved to the head of “Focus”. The magazine, which once competed with the “Spiegel”, lost its relevance many years ago.

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