Images of slave monkeys leave us speechless

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) unveils the plight of monkeys trained to pick coconuts in Thailand.

No one can remain unmoved by seeing poor chained monkeys, biting themselves in order to escape. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal rights association, shows in a video the living conditions of monkeys trained to pick coconuts in Thailand.

PETA in Asia thus points the finger at eight farms which treat primates without the slightest humanity.

These monkeys are real slaves educated for the purpose of picking coconuts, used in the manufacture of popular products, such as coconut oil or coconut water. Products sold worldwide. According to PETA, they are forced to work nine hours a day to pick up to 1,000 coconuts and are sometimes locked in cages.

"Deprived of the ability to move freely, socialize with others, or do anything important to them, these intelligent animals slowly lose their heads. Driven to despair, they wander and circle around without end on the plots of land without development and strewn with trash where they are chained. ", explains the association.

PETA reports that the monkeys are "illegally removed from their family and their natural environment when they are only babies" and "They have rigid metal collars and are kept chained or tied until they are no longer useful for the coconut industry."

To make more money with these animals, some trainers, investigators say, also force them to participate in circus shows in which they entertain visitors by biking, basketball, and performing others. confusing and degrading towers.

Following the PETA Asia survey, more than 15,000 stores will no longer buy products from partner brands on these farms. The majority of them will no longer buy coconut products from monkey work in Thailand.

The animal welfare organization invites all coconut companies based in Thailand to provide evidence that they do not use forced monkey labor.

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Video by Anais Bertrand