Immigration: Gérald Darmanin reaches out to the right, but sets his conditions

Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Laura Laplaud / Photo credit: XOSE BOUZAS / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP

His response had been awaited for a week. Gérald Darmanin responds this Sunday morning in the columns of “Parisien” to the Republicans (LR), authors of two bills to fight against immigration. The Minister of the Interior says he is ready to join LR on a certain number of measures, but closes the door to others, in particular the exit from the European treaties.

In an interview given to Sunday newspaper last week, The Republicans (LR) have drawn their plan to fight against immigration. With their two texts on the subject, LR imposed a form of ultimatum on the government. “Let’s work together”, answers Gérald Darmanin to the Republicans, in the columns of the Parisian. The Minister of the Interior says he is ready to follow LR on certain measures.

“Everyone must take a step towards the other”, sums up Gérald Darmanin, who agrees with LR on several points: the conditioning of visas on the issue of consular passes, restrictions on state medical aid or even the setting in place of quotas voted in Parliament for labor immigration. Convergences, therefore, but also reservations, as on the request of the Republicans to make asylum applications from the consulates of the countries of origin. An inapplicable measure, slice Gérald Darmanin. “Even Denmark doesn’t do that,” he adds.

Darmanin skeptical of certain measures

The Beauvau tenant is also more than skeptical, without closing the door, on the exit from European treaties on migration. “Amending the Constitution is the responsibility of the President of the Republic and the sovereign people,” he explains. “We must ask ourselves the question of the effectiveness of such a measure,” he adds. Great Britain, which left the European Union, for example, has never had so many immigrants on its soil.

Gérald Darmanin, who affirms, to multiply contacts in order to find an agreement. A balancing act to convince the right without losing the left wing of its majority. The Minister plans to discuss a text in the Senate in October, then in November or December in the National Assembly.

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