Immigration law: Gérald Darmanin puts pressure on hesitant deputies

Alexis Delafontaine / Photo credit: Magali Cohen / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP

The immigration bill arrives in the National Assembly on Monday. A decisive moment for Gérald Darmanin, because his text risks being very strongly rejected. To hope to obtain a majority, the Minister of the Interior puts pressure on hesitant deputies, particularly on the Republican side.

The immigration bill arrives at the National Assembly this Monday. Gérald Darmanin stakes his political future on the text. The Minister of the Interior is making a lot of phone calls at the moment. He puts pressure on hesitant MPs.

Officially, Gérald Darmanin says he wants to “reach out” to the Republicans. But behind the scenes, the Minister of the Interior is much more offensive and works with right-wing deputies to get his bill adopted. “His office calls me every three days,” even confides a Republican elected official. Because Gérald Darmanin knows it, his text is likely to be rejected on Monday.

“If the motion is adopted, it is a disaster for the majority”

A motion for prior rejection was filed by almost all oppositions. “If the motion is adopted, it is a disaster for the majority,” confides a Renaissance MP. Unsurprisingly, the left and the National Rally should vote for it. So, once again, it is the Les Républicains group which will tip the scales.

On this point, Eric Ciotti is very clear. If Gérald Darmanin does not commit to toughening the bill, then they will vote for this motion to reject.

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