Immigration: “People have the right to their identity”, says Bayrou

The president of the MoDem felt that we should demand “two things” from immigrants: mastery of the language and the will to work.

Peoples have the right to their identity and to guarantees on the durability of their identity“, affirmed Sunday the president of the MoDem François Bayrou, estimating that”not enough attention has been paid to this right“. “The peoples are attached (…) to the ways of being, to the ways of life which make France France, Switzerland Switzerland, Italy Italy.“, developed François Bayrou at the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1/The echoes/CNews. “We have not paid enough attention to it because we have confused this right, this quest for rights, with the stigmatization“, he added.

Emmanuel Macron announced that the bill on asylum and immigration would be for the beginning of 2023. He pleaded for a better distribution of the foreigners welcomed on the territory, in particular in the “rural areas which are losing population“.

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Fluency in the language and willingness to work

François Bayrou felt that “two things should be required, mastery of the language which is the guarantee of the will to integrate, to participate in a country with its way of life, and secondly the will to engage in work to earn a living“. “If you’re raising the specter of population replacement, you know what you’re feeding“, he warned.

For her part, Marion Maréchal, vice-president of Reconquête!, estimated on BFMTV “that we are going to export in these territories the problems related to immigration (…) in particular in terms of security“. She also blasted “the prerequisite in which we position ourselves, which is to say that immigration is not controllable. So the only solution is to distribute this uncontrolled immigration“.

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