Immune system: when you eat it, it stays fit


Tablets and powders promise to strengthen the immune system. It does not necessarily have to be food supplements – paying attention to nutrition also helps. Some foods build up the body's defenses with their natural ingredients and thus protect against bacteria and viruses. If you feel tired and tired, you should exercise outdoors, sleep well and use the following fitness products.

Rose hips and elderberries

Suggestion: Vitamin C is a natural aroma that occurs in some foods and prevents colds – a vitamin C bomb is, for example, the rosehip: the small, red berries grow in gardens or in the wild. Elderberry also strengthens the body's defenses and, in the event of illness, helps to heal faster, since the dark berries are rich in vitamins A, B and C.


The dye anthocyanin, which is contained in rose hips and elderberries, also has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents infections. Therefore: The darker the berries, the better for your health. You can sprinkle them over breakfast cereals, for example, or drink them as squeezed juice.

citrus fruits

Oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, limes or lemons: citrus fruits keep you fit. They revitalize the immune system with vitamin C. One grapefruit is enough to cover your daily vitamin C needs. Those who eat freshly squeezed lemon juice create a basic environment in the body, which means that it is better protected against viruses and bacteria. If you have a cold, many people use "hot lemon" for a reason, because the citrus fruit also has an expectorant effect. Simply mix boiling water with lemon juice and add a spoonful of honey if necessary.

Carrots and broccoli

Not only fruit, but also vegetables can strengthen the immune system. Carrots and broccoli are particularly rich in vitamins and minerals. The secondary plant substance sulforaphane, which is contained in broccoli, also helps against arthritis or gastric mucosal inflammation and prevents cancer. Mustard oil also helps with diabetes. In addition to the immune-boosting agent, carrots also contain carotenoid. The ingredient strengthens eyes, skin and heart.


Garlic and onions of all kinds are real secret weapons when it comes to strengthening the immune system. The bulbous plants contain the compound allicin, which keeps viruses and bacteria out of the body. Garlic is also a real all-rounder: the tuber contains not only allicine, but also many vitamins and minerals. Tip: If you eat the onion plants raw, more active ingredients remain than with the cooked variant.

Nuts and seeds

Selenium, copper, zinc and vitamin E. These important nutrients are contained in nuts and seeds. The occurring omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants also help to strengthen a weak immune system. A handful of nuts every day ensures that free radicals are combated and, as a positive side effect, the cholesterol level drops. The protein, which is contained in hazelnuts, almonds and Co., also ensures the formation of new immune cells.


No wonder that you can now get fresh ginger tea in pretty much every café. So-called "ginger shots", which can be bought in some supermarkets, are also currently on trend. The tuber is considered a cold inhibitor and ideal for strengthening the immune system. The gingerol contained in ginger also has a pain relieving, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. The tuber with the spicy, spicy aroma is not only suitable for tea or cold drinks, but also for cooking, for example for curries or soups.

Yogurt and curd cheese

Natural yogurt in particular contains so-called probiotics, which can strengthen the intestine, the largest immune organ. Because: The bacterial strains prevent pathogenic bacteria from nesting in the intestinal wall. If you regularly add yogurt, quark or yoghurt drinks to your body, you can strengthen the intestinal flora and thus the body's defenses. By the way: Sauerkraut and sour cucumbers also contain many probiotics, as do some types of cheese, the Japanese "miso" spice paste and kefir.


When the body loses fluid, it is more difficult to stop bacteria and viruses. Therefore, you should make sure you drink enough. Teas are not only suitable for absorbing liquids, they also have an immune-boosting effect through herbs and fruits. Fruit tea strengthens the body: rosehip or rooibos tea, for example, provide valuable secondary plant substances and vitamins. Basic herbal tea can regulate the acid-base balance, thus avoiding acidification and strengthening the immune system. Because: Bacteria and viruses feel particularly at home in acidic environments …