implicated, the boy’s grandfather made a request to the judge

Two weeks after the discovery of part of little Émile’s bones by a hiker, investigators have still not determined the circumstances of his death. On his family’s side, his grandfather made a surprising request to the judges in charge of the case.

On Sunday March 31, the Aix-en-Provence public prosecutor’s office announced the discovery of the bones of little Émile, who disappeared in Vernet (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) on July 8, 2023. Shocking news for the little boy’s loved ones , who maintained the hope of seeing him alive again after months of waiting. A tragic discovery that occurred several months after unsuccessful searches as well as significant technical and human resources deployed. It was during a walk that a sixty-year-old hiker living in the hamlet made this macabre discovery, immediately linking it to this affair. Unfortunately this hypothesis was later confirmed by experts. These were indeed the bones of the missing little boy.

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After a careful search on more than 45 hectares surrounding the place of the grandparents’ residence, the clothes of the two and a half year old boy as well as a bone fragment belonging to him were found. The investigation is now continuing based on the results of ongoing expert assessments, with the aim of clarifying the circumstances of Emile’s death. The mystery remains.

Emile’s family, people “with old-fashioned virtues”.

The worry also continues around the family of a little boy, sifting through everyone around him. Who are Emile’s parents and grandparents? Émile’s grandparents, named Philippe and Anne, are the parents of ten children, among whom the mother of the little boy who disappeared is the eldest. The boy’s family, his parents as well as his grandparents are very religious and diligent in religious practice, the members of this family, originally from the Marseille region, are well integrated into their neighborhood in Haut-Vernet, where they spend their vacations for about twenty years. A neighbor of the grandparents describes Émile’s entourage as a family “very helpful”, “lovely”, “model, with old-fashioned virtues” And “very religious”.

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“The grandparents have lived here for many years, the parents were previously in Marseille and have recently moved to La Bouilladisse. The little one didn’t go to daycare, we don’t really know him. These are Christians who sometimes participate in parish events.”detailed the mayor of the town, José Morales, to our colleagues in Parisian last July.

The grandparents made a request for psychological support to the judges.

Throughout the investigation into Émile’s disappearance, the child’s grandfather particularly attracted the attention of investigators. They were interested in his past, especially since he had been questioned as an assisted witness in a case concerning rapes, sexual assault and Dchild abuse placed under the responsibility of the Holy Cross Catholic community of Riaumont, in Liévin (Pas-de-Calais), where he had worked for more than two years. It is also described by some as ” a hard man » tending « to grumble, to scold “. He would also have expressed severe criticism of his grandson during the first research, describing him as “unmanageable“.

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Despite their great piety and faith, Philippe Vedovini and his wife, the little boy’s grandparents, decided to seek help outside the church. According to our colleagues at BFMTV, the couple recently officially requested psychological support with the judges. An approach which seems legitimate, because they were responsible for their grandson at the time of his disappearance in addition to a heavy guilt which is added to the rumors and suspicions concerning their possible involvement in the disappearance of their own grandson.

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