Impossible ? How did this AI guess all the World Cup scores (or not)?

Stephane Ficca

Hardware & gaming specialist

December 19, 2022 at 5:15 p.m.


Football stadium © Pexels / Mohamed Ishaq Villan

© Pexels / Mohamed Ishaq Villan

A collective of AI experts has managed to predict all the results of the 2022 football world cup!

Advances in artificial intelligence are enormous… but, in this specific case, it is really about an awareness campaign. We explain to you.

Did this AI predict all the results of the 2022 World Cup?

The 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar is over, so it was Argentina who managed to win their third star after a crazy match, defying all predictions. All, except the one issued by World Cup AI, an artificial intelligence that managed to predict the score of this final… but also of all the other matches!

An impressive performance, to say the least, the AI ​​having been able to predict the improbable defeat of Argentina against Saudi Arabia, but also the score-river of 6 to 1 between Portugal and Switzerland, the defeat of Spain against Japan… In total, 63 predictions (out of a total of 63 matches) which turned out to be perfectly accurate. How to demonstrate the progress of artificial intelligence? Not quite…

Spoilers: no

Indeed, the creator of the World Cup AI account, Mathis Hammel, explains in particular: “ Despite the enormous progress of AI in the last decade, we are still quite a long way from an omniscient machine that manages to predict results as uncertain as that. Obviously, to achieve such a result, the predictions made by World Cup AI were manipulated.

Thus, to tweet the result of a match in advance, it is necessary to post all the possible results, then simply delete those which were erroneous. In this way, only the exact prediction remains displayed online.

For the France – Argentina final, Mathis Hammel explains that he recorded more than 300 possible variants, with zero scores, a small 1 to 0 in favor of Argentina, or even a virulent (and apparently improbable) 7 to 3 for France. The objective being to retain in the end, and after the final whistle, the correct prediction.

But why manipulate an AI prediction? Just for ” raise awareness of a new type of fraud “Explains Mathis Hammel, in particular those which aim to manipulate the price of a cryptocurrency or even a share on the stock market.

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