In 2022, second chance schools recorded an “encouraging” recovery

Two students from the Second Chance School, in La Courneuve, June 10, 2006. MEHDI FEDOUACH / AFP

The second chance schools (E2C), a network dedicated to school dropouts, have recorded a recovery “encouraging» newcomers in 2022, with some 15,000 young people welcomed in total.

After the Covid pandemic and the confinements that had “a considerable impact on the recruitment of trainees and on the length of the course», «the resumption of integrations is very gradual and tends to reach pre-crisis volumes“, indicates the E2C in a press release.

Rise of “incoming”

This network, which welcomes young people without qualifications, aged 16 to 25, reports “10,544 entrants in 2022 (i.e. almost 2% more than in 2021), to reach a total of 15,001 trainees hosted in 2022“. The rate of “positive situations“, i.e. the level of exits to employment, work-study or training, reaches 63% in 2022. Exits to employment (employment contract and subsidized contracts) reach 23% and exits to work-study (work-study contract) learning or professionalization) amount to 18%, the rest being outings to training (22%), specifies the E2C.

Concerning the public welcomed within the 146 school sites, minors are more numerous, “even reaching 30% in 2022, an increase of 6 points compared to 2021“. Bachelor’s “lacking professional experience or proven professional experience» have also been welcomed since June 2022. They represented 6% of trainees in 2022. According to INSEE, the proportion of young people aged 15 to 29 neither in employment, nor in education, nor in training (NEET) was 12.5 % in the 4th quarter of 2022, slightly above its pre-crisis level (+0.3 points).

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