In a right-hand bend – the combine lost a 400-kilogram wheel while driving

A farmer from the Carinthian district of Völkermarkt was lucky when he was out and about with his combine harvester on Grafensteiner Straße (L107) on Wednesday. Immediately after the Annabrücke, all the bolts on the left front wheel came loose. The 66-year-old was able to stop just in time.

“The combine harvester handlebar was traveling at 30 km / h when Immediately after the Anna-Draubrücke, the front left wheel was detached from the suspension due to a technical defect, ”the police said. “The part, which weighs around 400 kilos, then rolled over the left half of the road and came to a standstill in the adjacent embankment.”

Device blocked road
Fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic at the time of the accident. A lane of the L107 had to be closed due to the unfit combine harvester.

Men of the Grafenstein fire brigade and employees of the Klagenfurt road administration managed to lift the combine harvester and reassemble the bike with heavy equipment.

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