In addition to Navigo on iPhone, Apple tells you if your metro is late

Following the arrival of the Navigo pass on iPhone, Apple has formalized an update of Apple Maps in Paris. The app now shows real-time traffic conditions on public transport.

A few weeks before the Paris Olympic Games, Transport Public Paris 2024, the region’s official application for public transport, has some concerns to worry about. Apple is the first of the web giants to announce an optimization of its services for the Olympics, starting with the long-awaited arrival of the Navigo pass on iPhone.

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The Navigo Pass interface in Apple Wallet.  // Source: Capture Numerama

In a conference in Paris on May 21, the brand also announced a major change for Apple Plans in the Île-de-France region. On the program: real-time traffic information, in addition to the integration of ticket prices.

Apple Maps competes with Citymapper and the RATP app

The new function ofApple Plans concerns the metro, RER, tram and RATP buses. Concretely, a small colored pictogram now indicates when a transport is on time (green), or if it is late (orange and red). Apple Plans can take this information into account when searching for a route, so as not to recommend a line that is having problems.

Apple indicates that the data is “provided by RATP”.Apple indicates that the data is “provided by RATP”.
Apple indicates that the data is “provided by RATP”. // Source: Numerama

If real-time traffic in Île-de-France follows the same logic as in other countries, Apple should also be able to tell you where a bus is in real time, thanks to GPS. Enough to anticipate your travel time (and run if necessary). The idea is to no longer have theoretical information, but to be able to intelligently plan a transport route.

Apple Maps isn’t the only app with real-time information. Citymapper, Google Maps and public applications (RATP And Île-de-France Mobilities) also rely on similar technology. This is’open datawhich allows any developer to use this information of general interest in their application.

Apple Maps will also help buy a metro ticket

Finally, and this is quite logical, the arrival of the Navigo pass on iPhone will allow Apple Plans to improve in terms of pricing information. For each journey, the application will offer its users the option to go directly to Cards to purchase a corresponding ticket. Other cities with a similar system, like San Francisco, operate the same way. The goal is to provide an all-in-one experience.

Some of the new featuresApple Plans are already online, even if Apple is talking about a deployment “starting this week”. You must have iOS 17.5 to benefit from the dematerialized Navigo pass.

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