In addition to the Galaxy A55: Samsung is developing a completely new Android phone

Samsung may be the largest smartphone maker in the world, but the demands are increasing and the South Korean company has to come up with new ideas to further increase sales. The A-Class is selling well and that should improve in 2024 with a completely new model.

Samsung is planning an A-class folding cell phone

Samsung’s A-class smartphones have been real bestsellers for years. Basically, since the Galaxy A50, the cell phones have been so good that many of you no longer need a Galaxy S cell phone, since the A class can do almost everything. With the Galaxy A53, Samsung has presented its best mid-range model to date and upgraded it considerably. In 2023 the Galaxy A54 should remain the same, but from the Galaxy A55 in 2024 the tide could turn. Then Samsung should namely have planned a folding cell phone for the A-Class (Source: SamMobile)

Compared to the previous folding cell phones from Samsung, the price to be significantly lower, to increase interest in such smartphones. You want to achieve that with mid-range specifications that you know from the A-class cell phones. It is not known how cheap the smartphone will be. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 (for testing) came on the market for 1,049 euros, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (for testing) for 1,799 euros. Cell phones are now much cheaper. Depending on which concept Samsung chooses for the foldable A-Class, the price will have to be set noticeably lower.

The current A-class smartphones from Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and A33 5G: Highlight presented

Samsung continues to build normal smartphones

Of course, Samsung will continue to bring normal smartphones onto the market in addition to the folding cell phones. The entry-level and mid-range models in particular are becoming more interesting and better from year to year. So Samsung will stick to that. But we are still curious to see what the mid-range folding cell phones can do.

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