In Agde, Marine Le Pen praises the “patriotic wave” in Europe

Victor Chabert with AFP
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8:48 p.m., September 18, 2022

Marine Le Pen celebrated the “patriotic wave” in Europe, in Sweden or “tomorrow” in Italy and “the day after tomorrow” in the Netherlands, also promising France a “great political shift”, Sunday in Agde (Hérault) during from the RN Summer School. The presidential finalist judged “inexorable” this “great return of the Nations of Europe”, a “political revolution” and “a disavowal of a European Union” which is “no longer even federal but imperial”.

These “popular and national movements” won “yesterday Sweden, tomorrow Italy, after tomorrow probably” the Netherlands with “the courageous and peaceful peasant revolt taking place there” against the “Dutch globalist power”, a she estimated, after the unprecedented victory of a team between the right and the far right in the Swedish legislative elections. In Italy, a coalition bringing together Fratelli d’Italia of Giorgia Meloni (post-fascist) and Forza Italia of Silvio Berlusconi (liberal right) is favored in the legislative elections of 25th September.

“Great political shift”

During an informal discussion with journalists, Marine Le Pen explained that she had known Giorgia Meloni “for a long time”, even if the “historic ally” of the RN is the League of Matteo Salvini, in sharp decline in the polls. In France, with the constitution of a group of 89 RN deputies at the end of the June legislative elections, Marine Le Pen described “a large-scale electoral revolution”, “the greatest victory that the national movement has known in fifty years of existence”.

This “lays the foundation for the great political shift”, judged the leader of the French far right in this back-to-school speech on the theme of “alternation for France”. “Immigration, there is only the National Rally to oppose it,” she also insisted.

The European Commission in the line of sight

On international issues, Marine Le Pen also denounced a “mind-blowing speech by Ms. Von der Leyen”, the President of the European Commission, about the war in Ukraine and Russia accusing her of “dangerous belligerent postures”. Marine Le Pen castigated “a European Union hysterized by the war in Ukraine in inappropriate and thoughtless sanctions” against Russia.

The RN held its Summer Universities from Friday to Sunday in the seaside resort of Cap-d’Agde, with speeches on Sunday by Louis Aliot and Jordan Bardella, who are both seeking the presidency of the party during the congress scheduled for the start november.

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