“In all friendship”: Future of the hospital series uncertain

“In all friendship”
Future of the hospital series uncertain

“In all friendship”: The actors

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The current series news in the GALA ticker: “In all friendship”: What’s next for the popular series? +++ “Der Bergdoktor”: The last episode comes later than originally planned.

The series news 2023 in the GALA ticker

January 31, 2023

“In all friendship”: Committees decide on the future of the series

“In all friendship” fans can look forward to very special episodes on Tuesday, January 31, because on this day, ARD will broadcast episodes 999 and 1000 in a double episode. Viewers have been looking forward to this day for many weeks. The broadcaster made a big secret out of the content of the episodes. Normally, episodes can be seen online in advance in the ARD media library – but not this time. A wedding, a death and other highlights have already been announced in recent weeks. But what’s next for the popular hospital series?

One thing is clear: some episodes are still to come, the shooting for the 26th season, which includes episodes 1006 to 1047, is currently underway. However, it is unclear whether the series will be continued beyond that. In addition to the MDR Broadcasting Council, a number of other ARD bodies must decide on this, as a spokeswoman explains. Only when they give their consent for a 27th and 28th season to be produced is the continuation of the series secured. The series is not in bad shape, according to reports from “Meedia” last year “In aller Freundlich” still got dream ratings for the public broadcaster. It is still unclear when the decision will be final – but until then the fans still have some new stories from the Sachsenklinik ahead of them.

January 30, 2023

“Der Bergdoktor”: Fans have to wait longer for the finale

“Der Bergdoktor” viewers have to go through a lot right now: their beloved series has unexpectedly increased in terms of drama, which does not appeal to every fan. Martin (Hans Sigl, 53) currently has more than one construction site in his life: After Franziska (Simone Hanselmann, 43) and Anne (Ines Lutz, 39) left his life, the affair with Sonja, the deceased woman, is now threatening of his own brother (Heiko Ruprecht, 50) to come to light. Brother Hans knew that Martin and Sonja had something to do with each other, after all their sexual encounter resulted in their daughter Lilli (Ronja Forcher, 26). What will be new to him, however, is that the affair was not a one-off one-night stand, but dragged on for months.

And as if there wasn’t enough drama within the fictional world of “Der Bergdoktor”, fans in real life now also have to endure annoyances in the program flow, because during the last episode of the 16th season, “Der Weg zurück”, already on ORF2 will be broadcast on February 15, things are different on German television. Because ZDF is showing “Kölle Alaaf – The Girl Meeting” that day and only a week later the finale. It remains to be seen if this will be as dramatic as the rest of the current season.

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