In Annecy, time suspended in a charming hotel

For years, the people of Annecy have passed in front of this listed building from the 19th century.e century without paying attention. Located in an alley in the old town, it successively housed a chocolate factory and an orphanage, before being abandoned. Until Delphine and Benoît Lange, a couple of hoteliers who love decoration, opened their Boutik Hotel there, five years ago.

The sign is very discreet, a little too much for those who arrive at night. The more so as there is no reception strictly speaking… The reception is done at the counter of the small shop adjoining the main building, in which are offered for sale the objects which brighten the thirteen rooms of this house. rehabilitated into a charming hotel.

A beautiful view of the Thiou

Room # 11 Oscar Wilde is on the second floor. In this sloping room, we played the time machine card. A portrait of the Irish writer sits above a cozy bed covered with a knitted plaid. In one corner, a vintage typewriter sits on a desk, between a pewter candle holder and old books.

Retro trunks are stacked along a wall covered in quaint beige and brown patterned wallpaper. The roof window offers a beautiful view of the Thiou, the river into which the lake flows. Breakfast, without frills (Tomme de Savoie, sieved, pastries), is served in a room overlooking the garden, to the sound of a jazz playlist that escapes from a vintage speaker.

The Boutik Hotel, 2, rue des Marquisats. Entrance via rue de la Providence. Around 150 € per night.

400 meters away: lunch in peace or dinner with music

The table of the four-star hotel Le Pélican is established in the building of the old hospices of Annecy. Ô Bon Bec (that’s its name) has a large terrace overlooking the lake facing Mont Veyrier. Locals and tourists meet there to share tapas, to feast on a piece of matured meat or a part of matured cheese. Some are tempted by the sweet delicacies displayed in the dessert display case and by the rich wine list of the world. The cozy atmosphere is shaken up every evening by DJ sets.

The Pelican, 20, rue des Marquisats. Tuesday to Saturday, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

500 meters away: take a romantic selfie

The love bridge, in Annecy.

Built at the beginning of the XXe century, the lovers’ bridge has always been a romantic meeting place in Annecy. It allows walkers to link the gardens of Europe to the Pâquier esplanade while contemplating the immensity of the lake, the mountain range in the background and the tiny Île aux Cygnes in front. Love locks hanging on the railings are no longer allowed, but the photoshoots of the newlyweds are still as frequent. And the selfies too, of course.

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