In Austria, there is now a lockdown for unvaccinated people – you need to know that

The corona numbers are increasing dramatically in Austria.

The seven-day incidence was 815 on Thursday, three times as high as it is currently in Germany. The number of hospitalizations is also increasing among the neighbors.

Austria: Lockdown for unvaccinated people from Monday

If you don’t have a vaccination, you can leave the house or apartment From Sunday night onwards only leave for urgent reasons – for example for daily purchases, for the way to work or to visit the doctor. The measure also applies to holidaymakers who are in Austria from Monday and up to and including November 23rd.

From Monday onwards it is hardly possible for holidaymakers to accept an accommodation offer. Hotels are then only allowed to receive those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.

Vaccinated and convalescent persons must show proof of vaccination and convalescence at any time during a police check.

Austria from Sunday high-risk area: who has to be in quarantine?

Travelers from Austria who enter Germany must also be quarantined from Sunday night if they are not vaccinated.

Unvaccinated and unrecognized German citizens who come from these high-risk areas can interrupt the isolation with a quick test after five days. If you come from virus variant areas, the quarantine applies – without interruption – for 14 days.

Before entering from high-risk areas and virus variant areas, unvaccinated persons must also fill out a digital entry form. Compliance with the quarantine is checked by the local law enforcement officers and the health authorities.

Who doesn’t have to be in quarantine?

Fully vaccinated and proven recoveries do not need to be quarantined. When entering the country, however, they must present their vaccination and convalescence certificates, including identification documents, at any border controls. They also have to fill out the entry form. Those affected can find this here.

FOCUS Online advises: Download the CovPass app, store all evidence digitally on your smartphone. We show you exactly how this works here.

The federal police and the border guards carry out random checks.

What are the consequences of the new risk assessment and the lockdown?

FOCUS Online prophesies: The prices for train and bus trips from Austria to Germany will skyrocket on Sunday. From Monday, prices will drop sharply. Many holidaymakers might want to leave popular holiday regions earlier on Sunday in order to avoid the quarantine. The liter price of petrol and diesel could also rise at the national borders on Sunday. Commuters should be prepared for strict border controls.

Can I cancel now for free?

The travel warning is not a travel ban!

Vaccinated and convalescents do not have to be quarantined. Vacationers should therefore check whether they really want to cancel. However, it is also true that curfews for unvaccinated people now also apply in Austria.

Train, bus, holiday apartment or hotel booked separately from each other?

The booking period is decisive. If you have booked last-minute, the airline or the hotel could stand in the way. In the worst case scenario, you would only be reimbursed the flight tax. After all, the situation in Austria has been dynamic since mid-October. If you have taken out travel cancellation insurance, you should take action now.

If the vacation has been planned for a long time, cancellation can be free of charge for reasons of goodwill. However, the providers may then give you a travel voucher which you can use to pay for a later flight. In principle, this is a kind of “postponement of the vacation”.

It is now helpful if you have booked a flex tariff. You can now postpone your trip without any hassle or stress. The money is not lost. FOCUS Online advises all travelers. From now on, it is essential to document, save and keep all inquiries to travel or hotel providers.

Booked a package tour?

“If consumers want to cancel their package tour, it is very important that this is verifiably done. The trip should also be canceled directly with the package tour operator, ie the company named on the package travel insurance certificate,” advises lawyer Roosbeh Karimi by HelloGetRight.

The legal expert advises: Better to approach the provider directly, online portals and travel agencies could submit the request too late.

Cancellation fees? Request a listing!

If there are cancellation fees, travelers should make use of their right to information, advises travel law expert Paul Degott from Hanover. Organizers are obliged to state exactly how the cancellation costs were collected. “If the organizer cannot do that, there is no entitlement to cancellation compensation.” You often get your money back via this detour.

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