In Bischofshofen – the 20-year-old is completely freaking out

A 20-year-old drunk in Bischofshofen on Sunday night completely freaked out because he was thrown out of a pub.

Because he was thrown out of a pub, a 20-year-old boy from Bischofshofen went crazy on Sunday night. The waitress had previously expelled him from the restaurant because he was very drunk and molested guests in the restaurant. This got him so enraged that he broke an ornamental statue. Then he tore a manhole cover from its anchorage and threw it across the street. In the outdoor dining area he then damaged the seating, went on to an opposite outdoor dining area and destroyed two bar tables and billboards there.

But that’s not all: for no reason, he also attacked a 19-year-old friend who was sitting on a park bench, kicking his body and face several times with his feet.

The man will be reported for property damage and bodily harm, and a report of disorder will be submitted to the competent authority.