In “burn-out”, the youtubeurs McFly and Carlito take a break from the creation of videos

More and more French videographers are talking about burnout: Mcfly and Carlito explain taking a break from video production, exhausted by the birth of a new child, but above all, by the race for new things.

We decided to take a break from YouTube videos “. It was in a sober Instagram post, far from its usually light tone, that the youtubeur Mcfly, who forms with his friend Carlito the eponymous duo on YouTube, announced the news.

Among the reasons behind the hiatus is the birth of Carlito’s 3rd child a few weeks ago. According to another publication on his own Instagram account, there would be ” sacred complications at the level of the newborn’s health, involving a return to the hospital.

But McFly cites other reasons as well. ” It’s been several months since the race for hyper-produced videos, guests, concepts, which we loved and practiced so much, no longer has the same taste, because it has become the norm “, explains the youtubeur. In hollow, it is the chronic fatigue of the duo which takes shape – its ” burnout “, as Carlito himself admits.

Mcfly and Carlito // Source: YouTube / Mcfly and Carlito

The youtubers in burnout

The duo is one of the largest in France: with 7.2 million subscribers on YouTube, their channel is one of the 10 largest French accounts. However, they have a very different profile from the rest of the list, as two thirty-somethings who arrived relatively late on YouTube. After several collaborations with the group of artists Studio Bagel, the two are mainly known in 2017 thanks to their original concepts, which quickly attract fans.

It is also with one of these concepts that the two make a video in May 2021 with Emmanuel Macron and take part together in a contest of anecdotes. This frantic search for new concepts would have become very challenging and exhausting.

They are not the only ones to be confronted with this situation: more and more videographers are speaking out to discuss their fatigue problems. In December 2022, the youtubeur Mastu, 5.2 million subscribers on the counter, was the first to speak about his need for ” to make a break in a long video, explaining in particular the constant pressure exerted by the fans.

Cyprien also went through a complicated period after his very slick short film didn’t garner as many views as he had hoped.

More recently, it was Squeezie himself who explained during a live that he had trouble managing certain videos. France’s leading YouTuber, 17.8 million subscribers, revealed in mid-February that some of his video concepts no longer worked, but that he simply didn’t have time to do his most popular formats all the time. popular. ” If all the videos I make every week have to be in this line, so long, with guests and a concept, me and my teams are going to have a gigantic burn-out “, he warned. With Mcfly and Carlito, the race for ever-bigger videos and content has claimed new victims — perhaps not the last.

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