In front of the editorial team – large-scale demonstration against “sexist” publishers

With a large number of officials, the Viennese police had to march in front of the editorial office of the newspaper “Austria” on Monday evening on Karlsplatz. Reason: Hundreds of people wanted to “take a stand against the person Wolfgang Fellner”, the owner of the paper, who has come under severe pressure because of allegations of sexism.

Posters and anti-sexism slogans in front of the “Austria” editorial team: around 500 demonstrators protested against the head of the media group, the well-known publisher Wolfgang Fellner. Because harassment allegations about the media manager are currently preoccupying courts and the media industry. Fellner dismissed his TV presenter Raphaela Scharf without notice in 2019 after she had previously charged him with sexual harassment.

Just last week, moderator Katia Wagner, who also worked for Fellner before, raised serious allegations of sexual harassment. As a result, Wolfgang Fellner even moderated his talk show “FELLNER! LIVE ”. He now wants to have an external consultancy investigate all allegations against him, so Fellner. The lawyer for the two women, Michael Rami, already responded with an open letter to the consulting firm (see tweet below).

Politicians want to boycott Fellner
With his surprising return, Fellner was probably ahead of a planned joint statement by high-ranking women politicians who no longer want to be available to him for interviews until the allegations have been cleared up. “The reports by Raphaela Scharf and Katia Wagner about their experiences with Wolfgang Fellner are shocking. Even regardless of the individual, concrete allegations, his own, publicly documented statements already prove inappropriate behavior towards women, ”says the statement, which was made by SPÖ women boss and vice club boss Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek, Green club chairwoman Sigrid Maurer and NEOS chairman Beate Meinl-Reisinger is supported.

Unity among all parties
Until Fellner’s vehemently denied allegations have been dispelled, they will no longer be available to him for interviews on his show. How far the boycott extends within the parties was initially unclear. Greens and NEOS would generally adhere to it, it was heard. However, the boycott only affects Fellner and not other journalists in the medium, since “as politicians we do not want to impair the control function of the media in a democracy,” the statement said. The ÖVP also confirmed talks with the APA, but Fellner had anticipated a final decision