In Gratkorn – Five injured in an accident involving four cars

A total of five people were injured in a collision involving a total of four vehicles in Gratkorn (Graz area) on Sunday afternoon. Including a 27-year-old heavy.

At around 5:40 p.m., the 27-year-old from the Graz area wanted to turn left with her four-wheeled light vehicle (Aixam) in Unterfriesach coming from the L318 onto the B67 in the direction of Graz. She may have overlooked the 37-year-old car driver from the Mistelbach district in Lower Austria, who was driving in the direction of Bruck. As a result of the violent collision, both vehicles were thrown against a car belonging to a 35-year-old from the Graz area that was standing in the area of ​​the intersection. He had stopped his vehicle in the turning lane of the B67 to turn left onto the L318. His partner (28) and her toddler aged nine months were also in his car. The 35-year-old’s vehicle was also moved due to the massive collision and crashed into an approaching car belonging to a 57-year-old from the Graz area. A total of four vehicles and six people were involved in the accident. Due to the massive impact, the 27-year-old was trapped in the vehicle. She had to be freed by forces from the Friesach-Wörth fire brigade. A crew from the Gratkorn Red Cross took her to UKH Graz with serious injuries after receiving first medical aid from an ambulance. The family from the Graz area (35; 28; 9 months) and the 57-year-old driver of the vehicle last involved are said to have suffered only minor injuries. They were taken to Graz Regional Hospital by the Red Cross. The 37-year-old woman from Lower Austria was apparently unharmed. A breathalyser test showed her to be moderately intoxicated. An alcohol test with the seriously injured 27-year-old was initially not possible due to her injuries. Blood taken from her was seized by order of the public prosecutor’s office in Graz to determine any alcohol content. The B67/L318 crossing area was closed for the duration of the clean-up work until shortly after 7 p.m. There was massive damage to some of the vehicles involved.
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