In Graz – serial burglar caught red-handed

Criminalists arrested a 60-year-old in Graz on Sunday night. The man is charged with five completed and four attempted burglaries.

The relevant criminal record man from the district of Graz-Surrounding served until May 17 in prison in Leoben. After his release from custody, he is likely to have again committed burglaries in various companies and business premises. The crime scenes relate primarily to Graz and the surrounding area.Caught in the actIntensive investigations led investigators from the Styrian State Criminal Police Office to the suspect. Finally, police officers from the task force to combat street crime (EGS) were able to enter him red-handed during a burglary in Graz. The 60-year-old was arrested. Investigations not yet completed. Criminalists (LKA theft) are now conducting further investigations into possible other crime scenes. The public prosecutor’s office in Graz ordered the transfer to the Graz-Jakomini prison.
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