In Helldivers 2, the war takes an epic turn against the Automatons

Helldiverse 2 received a big update. In the program ? The possibility of climbing up to level 150, instead of 50 until now. This progression is counterbalanced by the introduction of frightening new enemies.

Tuesday April 2 will be a date to mark with a hot iron for the players of Helldiverse 2. The cooperative shooter has just received a big update, which notably allows soldiers to climb up to level 150. The previous cap was at 50, which increases progression by a surprisingly high proportion – especially when we think back to steps of ten for each extension of World of Warcraft.

But you should not be fooled: if the developers of Helldiverse 2 allow the fans to gain power, is that they have colossal threats to face. In addition to the addition of planetary dangers (blizzards, sandstorms), as we can read in the list of modifications, the Automatons faction has been greatly strengthened, as reported by PC Gamer in an article published on April 2.

Everyone gets stronger in Helldiverse 2 (including enemies)

It all started with the appearance of huge ships in the skies of certain planets. This was a teaser for the arrival of new offensive options for these dear robots. In this case: a large quadrupedal vehicle, which can be compared to an AT-AT of Star Wars (he looks a little shorter on his legs), and small aerial drones which visibly attack in swarms. Now it’s not just insects that fly in Helldiverse 2.

The first victims of these new arsenals have shared chilling testimonies. “ They arrive and we are done — the flying automatons! », Indicates Bigglettt in a thread published on Reddit. “ They are heavily armored flying rocket-launched devastaters, equipped with more conventional missile launchers on either side. They fire salvos of missiles and can call upon rapid laser fire », adds Jackpkmm. Obviously, these enemies come out in packs of three from a building – which can be destroyed with a bomb.

New enemies in Helldivers 2 // Source: Reddit
New enemies in Helldivers 2 // Source: Reddit

Regarding the AT-AT, CappedPluto provides the following description: “ He has a cannon and small laser rifles, and can deploy devastaters beneath him. » In short, it is as much a transport vehicle as it is a real tank capable of fighting back. You really don’t want to come across one without knowing what it is. You are now warned: Helldiverse 2 is becoming more and more important.

With these elements, we understand that the global war, piloted by a single man and which nourishes the universe ofHelldiverse 2, takes an epic turn. There is no doubt that orders will continue to mobilize the community to liberate the planets and establish democracy. But you will obviously have to be much more prepared against the Automatons, who look more and more like Terminators.

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Helldivers 2 // Source: PlayStationHelldivers 2 // Source: PlayStation

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