In India, Samsung replaces the screen of smartphones affected by the green line for free

For several days, some Galaxy smartphone users have been reporting the appearance of an unsightly green line on their screen. In India, Samsung is committed to fixing the issue free of charge. Quid from France ?

A free replacement, but in India

The appearance of this green line on the screen of Galaxy smartphones has been talked about for several days. Android Authority found threads on Reddit that mention it since 2023. Samsung is aware of the problem, at least in India, since users of Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21 (except the Fan Edition), Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy 22 benefit from a free replacement of the panel if their screen is affected.

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However, the affected model must be less than three years old. The good news, at least for Indian users, is that the screen can be repaired even if the warranty is no longer enforced. However, you will have to hurry: those concerned have until April 30 to make an appointment at a Samsung center. The company also offers battery replacement at its expense.

Quid repair in France?

In France, some users are reporting similar problems on the Samsung forums. The moderation teams invite concerned forum users to contact them by private message. As shown in the screenshot below, a moderator undertakes to escalate the problem so that the repair can be “may be taken care of by an authorized repair center”.

If this green line has appeared on the panel of your Galaxy smartphone, turn to the official forums or contact Samsung directly at this address.

The response from a moderator on the Samsung forums.

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It seems that in France, the company manages the problem on a case by case basis. We still have to wait for official communication to know if this screen replacement offer will extend beyond Indian borders.

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