In Ischgl – 27-year-old died after a collision on the ski slope

A tragic skiing accident with a fatal outcome occurred on Sunday in the Ischgl ski area. After a collision with a 65-year-old, a 27-year-old skier hit a sign and remained unconscious. He died a little later.

At around 11:30 a.m., the 65-year-old German skier left the mountain station of the Langen Wandbahn in Ischgl in the direction of the Greitspitzsattel. According to witness statements, he was rammed from behind at the apex of a fork in the slope by the 27-year-old. Subsequent skiers provided first aidBoth skiers fell. The 27-year-old then crashed into a signpost and remained unconscious. Subsequent skiers immediately started first aid and started the rescue chain. Resuscitation measures were initiated by the crew of the emergency doctor helicopter and the man was flown to the hospital. However, he died there a little later. The 65-year-old suffered serious injuries to his back and chest in the collision and the fall that followed.
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