In Israel, the Trumpist temptation of Benyamin Netanyahu

If a peaceful transition of power is still possible in Israel, Sunday, June 13, the far-right leader Naftali Bennett will present his government to the Israeli parliament. A debate will precede a vote of confidence, for the time being acquired by a majority of 61 deputies out of 120. After a meeting with President Reuven Rivlin, Mr. Bennett will look alone on the burning security issues of the country, which the secretary will entrust to him. military in the Prime Minister’s office.

This agenda, set Tuesday, June 8 by the president of parliament, Yariv Levin, leaves a few days for his mentor, Benyamin Netanyahu, to defeat the coalition of eight parties, ranging from the extreme right to the left, which intends to table it after twelve. years of continuous rule. They will have to publish the details of their agreements on Friday, before a high pressure Shabbat. They did nothing to shorten this difficult transition, giving up on urgently replacing Mr. Levin. They let Likud fire its final rounds.

Calls to the street

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during a ceremony honoring the action of the health system in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, on June 6, 2021, in Jerusalem.

The Critics are of immense violence, but what else to expect, while Mr. Netanyahu sees the formation of this government only as a stage, in a two-year cycle of elections (four polls since April 2019) that he does not intend to close? “We are witnessing the biggest fraud in the history of the country”, he said Sunday, during a meeting of his party in the Knesset, raising fears that he would refuse the defeat, like his “Friend” American Donald Trump, to appeal to the streets.

The day before, the head of the internal security service (Shin Beth) had warned of an increase in hate speech that could lead to violence. This did not deter Mr. Netanyahu from appealing to his supporters: “Don’t be afraid to bump into them. “ As early as Friday, he had compared the defectors of the right to these Jewish “spies” punished with death, in the scriptures, for having rejected the promised land.

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Since the coalition’s announcement on June 2, not all of the six Yamina MPs Mr. Bennett hopes to hold behind him have publicly confirmed their support. Their police protection has been reinforced. Mr. Netanyahu called some of their relatives and rabbis. Demonstrations are taking place under their windows. One of them, Idit Silman, told Channel 13 that a protestor told her that he was sorry for what his family was going through. “But don’t worry, at the first opportunity we will shoot you down”, he specified.

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