In just one night – 25 Carinthian alcohol drivers pulled out of circulation

During a nationwide campaign, the Carinthian police hunted down alcohol drivers on Saturday night. The officials were able to pull a total of 25 drunk drivers off the road.

A total of 20 Carinthians have lost their driving licenses since last night. Because on Saturday night there was a nationwide focus on drinking and driving. 18 people had to give up their driver’s license because they had drunk too much alcohol and then got behind the wheel. “In 7 cases, under-intoxication was found and reported when driving a vehicle,” the police said on Saturday morning. Under the influence of drugs on the road Two drivers were under the influence of drugs. They are also temporarily rid of their license. 100 reports and 180 organ mandates In the main campaign, the officials were able to identify a total of 100 violations of the road traffic regulations – all of which were reported. In addition, 180 executive mandates were issued.
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