In «Life Your Live», Baschi transforms into a drag queen


His single “Live Your Life” is about openness, freedom and tolerance. Baschi wants to express these feelings through his complete transformation into a drag queen.

In the video, singer Baschi (35) turns into a drag queen – including make-up, wig and dress.

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  • Make-up, gel nails and wig: Baschi (35) is hardly recognizable in his new music video for the song “Live Your Life”.

  • For the video shoot in the 20-minute editorial team, the Swiss pop singer had himself transformed into a glamorous drag queen.

  • In an interview with 20 minutes, the 35-year-old reveals how he did, what he found particularly difficult and how his family reacted to the new look.

It was musically quiet around Baschi for more than three years. Now the Swiss musician is back – and shows himself from a completely new side: In the music video for his new single “Live Your Life”, which will be released on Friday afternoon, the 35-year-old turns into a drag queen. The unique video shoot took place in the editorial office of 20 minutes.

At the beginning of the clip, the singer is sitting at his desk, bored, staring at his screen. Then his coffee cup suddenly turns into a glass of champagne and the musician grows colorful nails, thick eyelashes and blonde hair. “My new song is about openness, freedom and tolerance. With my transformation into a drag queen, I wanted to express these feelings and show myself from a new, unfamiliar side that people don’t know about me yet,” says Baschi.

“I feel good like this”

The 35-year-old let himself be styled by professional drag queens for several hours. «The make-up process was very pleasant. The only thing that was more strenuous was walking in high heels, I’m really not used to that, »jokes the singer. The glued-on gel nails also bothered him and regularly fell down.

Do you want to chat with the musician yourself? Then be part of the Tiktok live talk with Baschi on Friday, January 14th! At 12.40 p.m., 20 minutes goes online with the singer on the @20minutes channel and talks to him live about his new music video and his transformation. Zurich drag queen Milky Diamond will also be there. Immediately after the community talk, the premiere of the music video for “Live Your Life” can be seen.

On the whole, however, the “Bring en hei” singer seemed to be satisfied with the result: “The transformation was a real adventure, which I, of course, enjoyed as an entertainer. I’m not uncomfortable presenting myself as a drag queen. I feel good like that, »says the 35-year-old. Does he think he’s pretty too? “That’s in the eye of the beholder. The look is definitely a real eye-catcher.»

His environment reacted with surprise to the makeover: “When I showed my family the photos, they didn’t recognize me!” Baschi laughs. That’s probably what happened to most fans who saw him as a drag queen for the first time.

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At first glance, Baschi (35) is hardly recognizable in his new music video.

Universal Music Group

In the clip for

In the clip for “Live Your Life”, the singer wears a long blonde wig, false eyelashes, make-up and a pink dress.

Rafaela Spitzli / Universal Music Group

As the video progresses, the 35-year-old transforms from a bored office worker...

As the video progresses, the 35-year-old transforms from a bored office worker…

Universal Music Group

“I have a lot of respect for the community”

Despite the relaxed party mood in the music video, Baschi emphasizes that he doesn’t take the subject lightly: “I have a lot of respect for the drag community,” says the artist. The music video was created in consultation with professional drag queens and the make-up look was also realized by members of the community.

Baschi is now looking forward to the reactions of the fans: “Through my transformation, I expose myself extremely and also accept negative feedback. But I stand up for it and stay true to the motto of the single: just live the way you want to live.”

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