in Martinique, the mediation recommends a postponement of the vaccination obligation

The mediation mandated by the government at the Martinique University Hospital, where the inter-union is opposed to the health pass and the vaccination obligation of caregivers, recommended Friday, November 12 the postponement of the obligation to December 31, date of the end of the state of health emergency in this overseas department.

Arrival on 1er November in Fort-de-France to find a way out of the current conflict, the national mediator Danielle Toupillier said, during a press conference, that she had met more than a hundred people during her stay on the island, where the population “Worried and fractured” has been “Particularly affected by a fourth murderous wave”.

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According to the latest figures from the Regional Health Agency (ARS), 700 people have died from Covid-19 at the CHU of Fort-de-France since the start of the epidemic, and only 38.6% of 12-year-olds and more present a complete vaccination schedule.

Supported by the virologist Emmanuel Gordien, and the director of work at the prefecture Léandre Beauroy, the national mediator did not manage to set up mediation, in the face of the inter-union of health who demanded the expansion of the framework of his mission beyond the public service alone. “My mission is over, even though we never formally entered mediation as we hoped”, said Friday Danielle Toupillier, whose mission was scheduled until November 12.

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Six recommendations

In a letter addressed to the ministries of health and overseas, the national mediator however formulated six recommendations in order to “Maintain the capacity to take charge of patients” at the Martinique University Hospital, which “Fear a degradation of care with the division” which reigns between the hospital teams.

Among these recommendations, the mediator proposes a postponement of the deadline concerning the vaccination obligation. Initially scheduled for October 24, after a first exemption, the first injection must be performed on December 6. The second dose, which was to be mandatory on November 15 on the island, would be postponed to December 31.

During this period, Mme Toupillier recommends keeping PCR and antigen tests free. At last, “For those who do not wish to be vaccinated, a support and accompaniment system for reclassification or professional retraining is to be expected”, advocates the mission.

The response from ministers Olivier Véran and Sébastien Lecornu is expected in the coming days.

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